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. >>> 36-year-old officer larry lassiter a hundred and soon the to be father. last night officers lashed at her. we're serging for two armed men suspected of robbing in this area. >> because moving in the brush he ordered the suspect what he thought was the suspect to show them his hands and come out of the area. and struck him twice. >> i opened the door and i heard the shot. i was like oh my tkpwoápbs. why not. then another, then another. >> he wasn't moving alone. he was just standing there. >> he was in front of the -- >> police have arrested and booked 19-year-old alexandre rechard. >> my son's motto that he lives by a -z a marine corp. captain and as a police, as an individual we lead by example and in delirium tremenses to come and become an organ donor. my son will be giving life to other individuals. and he continues to lead by example. >> phyllis loya is surrounded by what she calls a circle of love. officers joined her. lasster was wearing body armour but a bullet to the neck it proved fatal. this is the second time in two years that a prettyburg police has been called in the
inconvenienced 10s of thousands across the bay area. >>> the giants' president larry bear says it's now possible the two teams could share at&t park at some point. the giants will be. >>> to share their ballpark to help them out in their current stadium but only if they use it on a temporary basis only a if they hold the rights. and now, this is ridiculous. pam, this is just stupid. >> it is amazing. >> he stole a home run, that is one of the greatest plays i have ever seen. in fact it is a two home run and the al1sl0 won, they beat the giants 10-5. >> you can't compete with that catch. >>> 5:42 is the time. we do have information about one of the men who viciously beat bryan stow. a judge decides whether he will be allowed to leave his prison cell. >>> -- prison cell. >>> a video from richmond you don't want to miss. >>> good morning, we have some slow trash. around the corner there is slowing we will tell you more about that. >> in fact it's much stronger with wind gusts, we will have more on that. [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits. delicious, but say i press a few out flat, add som
for the dramatic finish here in phoenix. rejoin darrell waltrip, larry mcreynolds and mike yojoyce. >> one thing bothering me a little bit, is look for the oil, where the oil was, the white line around the bottom of the track. that's his groove. if he goes in there and catches that and gets a little loose or slips a little bit, man, he could have his hands full. >> darrell, you won 84 of these races. you had the dominant car. you ran out front all kday. you'd be saying, how many more of these restarts do have to win? >> you know there's so many things that can happen. and in your mind, that thing you got to do, you got to put all those cars that could happen. spin the tires, you could drive yourself crazy coming to get this lazy restart. really, take a deep breath, relax and be ready to go. >> they've blown off the speedy drive. harvick has elected to restart on the inside. >> well, he has to, mike. that's been his line. i don't know there's a lot of oil down there. i didn't see a lot of oil out of the 41. nonetheless, it is something to concern yourself about. >> mike, add in a green/white chec
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3